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Take a minute to honor an outstanding alum by nominating him/her for an Alumni Award. Each award will be presented at this year’s reunion, June 3-5, 2016.

In 500 words or less, explain why your nominee should be recognized. Attach your response and any supporting documentation, like news clippings, programs, etc. Email your nomination to Jane Ellen Liebert, C’97, alumni & planned giving officer, at

Nominations are due April 1, 2016.
Award winners will be notified in May and further celebrated at reunion.

Saint Vincent De Paul Award

  • Recognizes an alum who exemplifies the mission of the university
  • Nomination remarks must include the words “learning, service, and character” to describe the nominee’s contributions to society

Sister Mary Mark Orr Pioneer Spirit Award

  • Recognizes an alum who has achieved great success in his/her professional career
  • Nomination remarks must include how Saint Mary plays a role in the nominee’s success

Sister Mary Janet McGilley Service Award

  • Recognizes an alum who has helped advance Saint Mary by sharing their time and talent
  • Nomination remarks must include the nominee’s contribution to Saint Mary and why the nominee feels it’s important to give back to the university community

Past Winners

Saint Vincent De Paul Award

Apsire-H15-AlumniCorner-AlumAwards-Alison.png2000    Rose Mary Corkle Mohr, C’57
2001    Marnie Trudelle Miller*, C’47
2002    Helen McMahon Devine*, C’42
2004    Pat Sarcone, C’64
2005    Mary Ann Slattery, C’65
2006    Joyce Rauth-Fears, C’68
2007    Sally Dill Dorsten, C’67
2008    Terry Hummel Slattery, C’69
2009    Betty Kenna Sosna, C’48
2010    Marina Garcia O’Sullivan, C’75
2011    Mary Ann Donovan Westhoff, C’56
2012    Marilyn Trudelle Krueger, C’57
2013    Kathryn Dimas Faddis, C’73
2014    Mary Hannon Morin, C’64
2015    Dr. Alison Banikowski, C’75

Sr. Mary Mark Orr Pioneer Spirit Award

Apsire-H15-AlumniCorner-AlumAwards-DrTheisen.png2000    John McDevitt, C’78
2001    Dr. Evarista Nnadi, C’81
2002    Emma Claire Hund Davis*, A’30, C’56
2004    Joyce Eichholz Jordan, C’73
2005    Carol Marinovich, C’72
2006    Susan Hammen Smith, C’91, C’00
2007    Karen Fox Wuenstel, C’71
2008    Cathy Griggs Newton, C’70
2009    Dianna Porter, C’64
2010    Anne Meyer Miller, C’64
2011    Sr. Madonna Fink, C’54
2014    Kathleen Martin Cinfo, C’74
2015    Dr. Audrey Dick Theisen, C’74

Sr. Mary Janet McGilley Service Award

Apsire-H15-AlumniCorner-AlumAwards-Sylvia.png2000    Donna Wilson Smith, C’67
2001    Eloise Rentchler Kipp, C’49
2002    Mary Alice Bramming, C’65
2004    Mary Kallman, C’79
2005    Sharon Williams Albers, C’65
2006    Ellen Kearns McCarthy, C’51
2007    Kitty Goeters Bronec, A’50, C’67
2008    Ann Conver, C’73
2009    Michelle Piranio, C’81
2010    Jane Ellen Liebert, C’97
2011    Marilyn Sterling Hail, C’56
2012    Shirley Canaday McGeary, C’57
2013    Sarah Brown Wyrick, C’68
2014    Sr. Mary Vincentia Maronick, C’45
2015    Sylvia Hill Anchia, C’79

* deceased

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