Making a Great Investment: Donate Appreciated Stock

Making a Great Investment - Donate Appreciated Stock to USM

Giving doesn’t always involve a checkbook. Consider donating appreciated stock to Saint Mary. You can deduct the value of thestock on your taxes.

Example: You purchased stock valued at $2,500 and 10 years later it is valued at $5,000. If you fall in the tax bracket where you pay 15 percentcapital gains tax rate, you will owe $750.

But what if you donate that stock to Saint Mary?

You transfer the ownership of the stock to SaintMary and claim the $5,000 value as a charitable deduction on your taxes, and you do not pay any capital gains tax.

A great investment opportunity.

For help with transferring stock, contact Karolyn Dreiling, vice president for development, 913-758-6293,

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