Keeping Saint Mary Strong

The achievements of the University of Saint Mary are a testament to all those who believe in our students and the liberating power of a Saint Mary education. We are here to create the leaders of tomorrow, and it is your commitment to our mission and the magnitude of your giving that keep Saint Mary strong.

Saint Mary Fiscal Philosophy

Our philosophy is not that of “build it, and they will come.” Rather, our approach is to ascertain needs based on safety, mission, strategic plan, and return on investment.

Management of Resources

Informed by Our Mission Driven by Our Strategic Plan The Strategic Plan is updated every three years—ensuring that it is a living, relevant, and guiding.

Current Capital Campaign +12 Million

Responsible for funding major capital projects, including renovations to the dining hall, establishment of an accounting and exercise science program, reconstruction of Miege Hall science labs, increased parking, and restoration to historic porches and stairs.

Higher Learning Commission Composite

HLC reviews accredited and candidate institutions’ financial information to determine whether an institution operates with integrity in its financial functions. Highest Composite: 3.0 USM Composite: 2.7

Student Scholarships

$7 million awarded in aid every year 42% first-generation students 45% low-income students 618 students receive scholarship

Endowment Growth: $19.9 Million

Over the past 12 years, our endowment has grown from $8.2 million to $19.9 million (+143 percent).

Project Initiation Fund (PF)

Established through a $500,000 bequest received in 2010, new programs and initiatives evolve with PIF support. Expenses and startup costs of the initiative are allocated to PIF as is the revenue generated.

Net Assets

Grown consistently over the past 10 years—achieving record levels in recent years. SPIRE

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