Making a Great Investment

Big Impact with Donating Long-Term Appreciated Stock

Giving doesn’t always involve a checkbook. Consider donating appreciated stock to Saint Mary. Why? This strategy provides not just one but two tax benefits:

1. You can claim a charitable deduction equal to the stock’s fair market value.
2. You can avoid the capital gains tax you’d pay if you sold the stock.

Example: You purchased stock valued at $2,500. Ten years later, it’s valued at $5,000. If you fall in the tax bracket paying 15 percent on capital gains, you will owe $750.

But what if you donate that stock to Saint Mary?

You transfer the ownership of the stock to Saint Mary. Then, on your taxes, you claim full fair market value—$5,000 in this scenario—as a charitable deduction, and you don’t pay any capital gains tax.

For help with transferring stock, contact Jane Ellen Liebert, major gifts & planned giving officer, at 913-758-6126 or

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