Assistant Professor Delivers Keynote at STEMMY Awards

University of Saint Mary Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Health Information Management (HIM) April Boyd-Noronha delivered the keynote at the Central Exchange (CX) fifth annual STEMMy Awards. The event celebrates Kansas City’s 24 percent of women contributing every day in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medicine workforce.

In the address, Boyd-Noronha explained her incredible journey in STEMM—including how her experiences have influenced and shaped parenting three aspiring STEMM technologists. She dove into her work as an advocate for young women and under-represented populations, along with future plans for helping build the workforce of STEMM women in Kansas City.

“As a professor, I am keenly aware of my role of educating NextGen learners,” explained Boyd-Noronha. “And even more importantly, my impact to further enhance student experience, both within and outside the USM classroom—especially as it pertains to emerging trends in STEMM industries and its future workforce.”

In addition to being active in the work of the CX and supporting its mission, Boyd-Noronha currently teaches undergraduate CIS and HIM coursework at Saint Mary, and she has dedicated her time to helping further develop curriculum in the cybersecurity concentration in the university’s Master of Business Administration program. She also serves as the principal consultant for The STEM Broker, LLC, and she has also presented keynote speeches and public talks on education policies and practices, STEM stakeholder engagement, and caring for underserved communities.

Boyd-Noronha’s dedication to equality recently earned her the prestigious “Minority Educator of the Year Award” from the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals. She was honored at the organization’s 2018 Annual National Conference in September.

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