New Memories, Lifelong Friends

New Memories, Lifelong Friends

1971: Kathy Dimas Faddis (from back left), Ann Conver, Betty Kay Hitz Perkins, Mary Ann Arr Deutsch, Mona Krodinger Denny, Laura Forck Morehead, Judy Wittrock Wolf, Teresa McMahon Gracheck, and Carol Grant Redd.

Nine members of the class of 1973 gathered in June for a mini-reunion in Chicago. The laughs and good conversations took them back to 1971 when they gathered in Maria Hall before leaving Saint Mary for the summer.

“Friends are part of the glue that holds life and faith together,” they wrote. “We came from all over the country in 1969, but we had one common bond – Saint Mary. Our college experience and friendships made during those years have forever shaped our lives. On our recent trip to Chicago in June, we toasted Saint Mary and these past 50 years.


2019: Ann Conver (left), Carol Redd, Mary Ann Deutsch, Betty Kay Perkins, Laura Morehead, Judy Wolf, Kathy Faddis, Teresa Gracheck, and
Mona Denny.

“Quickly, 50 years of joy and heartache slipped away, and we were young women once again living and laughing as we were in those hallowed classrooms and dorms.”


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