In Memoriam – Summer 2020


Mary Riordan, A’40, C’44, Scottsdale, Ariz., died on Nov. 8.

Marjorie Kinney, A’41, Kansas City, Mo., died on Oct. 5.

Jean Burke Maupin, A’42, Leawood, Kan., died on April 14.

Sr. Mary Vincent Fritton, C’43, Leavenworth, Kan., died on March 10. She was the sibling of Florence Fritton Kelly, C’39*, and Cecilia Fritton Shaughnessy, C’42*.

Dr. Kathryn Iliff, C’43, Topeka, Kan., died on March 3.

Marigene Suellentrop, C’45, Lenexa, Kan., died on Feb. 15. She was the grandmother of Elizabeth Suellentrop, C’00.

Sr. Catherine Nichol, C’47, Leavenworth, Kan., died on Jan. 10.

Carolyn Carey Loughbom, C’48, Mission, Kan., died on May 1.

Joan Cahill Wessel, C’48, Kansas City, Kan., died on Dec. 2. Joan was the mother of Jodie Wessel Berve, C’84.


Jane Miller Foris, C’50, Loris, S.C., died on Dec. 21.

Sr. Ann Burger, C’51, Wichita, Kan., died on Jan. 4.

Agnes Lienhard Graham, C’51, Lexington, Ky., died on Jan. 10.

Maria Molinar Jaime, C’52, Vallejo, Calif., died on Oct. 29.

Jeanne Mackin Broussard, C’56, Spring, Texas, died on Jan. 2. Jeanne was the twin sister of Joyce Mackin Solomon, C’56.

Betty Jo O’Connor Hoff, C’56, Overland Park, Kan., died on April 29.


Sr. Theresa Braun, C’65, Ruma, Ill., died on Jan. 7.

Nancy Ann Hayes, C’65, Bend, Ore., died on Jan. 10, 2019.

Maggie Hutcheson Perkins, C’68, Keller, Texas, died on April 9.


Katherine O’Connor Bruner, C’70, Lawrence, Kan., died on Feb. 23. She was the niece of Sr. Mary Suzanne Braun, C’49*.

Jeanette Zimmerli, C’75, Bellevue, Neb., died on Sept. 18, 2018.


Katherine Dziok Monette, C’81, Holyoke, Mass., died on Dec. 16.

Sr. Margaret Quirk, C’83, Leavenworth, Kan., died on Feb. 11.

Kathryn Forge, C’85, Leavenworth, Kan., died on Feb. 11.


Darwin DuPree, C’92, Riverside, Mo., died on Dec. 1.


Kathleen Elwood Farago, U’06, Wayne, N.J., died on Oct. 7.


Rick Schoof, MBA student, Arlington, Va., died on April 15. Rick was on track to graduate in May 2021.


Dolores “Toni” Schaefer McEnroe, C’49, Kansas City, Mo., lost her husband, John, on March 4, 2019.

Ella Bursken Moore, A’50, Farmington, N.M., lost her husband, Veryl, on Sept. 29.

Kathleen Aziere Huff, C’54, Overland Park, Kan., lost her husband, Richard, on Sept. 29.

Rosemary Ziegler Banta, C’57, Lee’s Summit, Mo., lost her husband, Byron, on July 5, 2018.

Sr. Mary Rachel Flynn, C’58, Leavenworth, Kan., lost her sister, Pat McCarthy, on Oct. 23.

Mary La Coste Kraus, C’70, Hot Springs Village, Ark., lost her brother, James Lacoste, on Sept. 24, 2018, and lost her sister, Teresa Wallraven, in 2019.

Mona Krodinger Denny, C’73, De Soto, Mo., lost her father, Ralph Krodinger, on Oct. 27.  She shares this loss with her daughter, Anne-Marie Denny, U’08, also of De Soto.

Linell Wenzel Grundman, C’74, Washington, D.C., lost her mother-in-law in April.

Audrey Dick Theisen, C’74, Denver, Colo., lost her brother, Wendell Dick, on Dec. 25.

Jane Ann Gorsky, C’75, Shawnee, Kan., lost her husband, Harry Weston, on Oct. 12.

Phylis Anderson Hancock, C’81, Kansas City, Kan., lost her husband of 63 years, Dr. Alan Hancock, on April 17.

Kathleen McClain Fogarty, C’82, Shawnee, Kan., lost her daughter, Erin, on April 8. Kathleen is a member of the Saint Mary Board of Trustees.

Diane Edgar, C’83, Cheyenne, Wyo., lost her mother, Virginia, on Sept. 1, 2018.

Kathy Sinclair, C’84, Overland Park, Kan., lost her son, Jonathan, on Oct. 16. Kathy is the sister of Linda Desch Zuchowski, C’82, Lenexa, Kan.

Jean Harrington, C’89, Kansas City, Mo., lost her sister, Mary Jo, on Oct. 8.

Sara Wempe Earles, C’96, Monroe, N.C., lost her father, Jack Wempe, on Jan. 11.

Corey Hamilton, U’03, Brooklyn, N.Y., lost his grandmother in April.

Chelsey Breshears, U’13, Lansing, Kan., lost her grandfather, Herbert Edmonds, on Oct. 28.

Sr. Nancy Kamau, U’13, Eynon, Pa., lost her mother, Naomi Wairimu Kamau, on Aug. 31.

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