Honor Roll of Donors

Mother Xavier Society
The Estate of Charles Berkel
Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth
Pete & Pat Zink*

Saint Vincent De Paul Society
$50,000 to $99,999
The Goppert Foundation
John* and Marilyn Gordon
Mary Riordan, A’40, C’44*
Frederick and Marilyn Tromans

Heritage Society
$25,000 to $49,999
Sharon, C’65, and Tony Albers
Joe, C’94, and Emily Contrucci
Robert and Sharon Doran, III
Kermit and Ellen Fendler
The Fox Family Foundation
Alan and Janie Lankford
Marigene Wegeng, C’45, and John Suellentrop*

Founders’ Society
$10,000 to $24,999
Marie-Therese Baker, C’71
Cboe Global Markets
Mary Lorian Horvat, C’54*
Sylvia Matejovsky Lapke, C’50*
Nelson and Marcia Newcomer
The Sherman Family Foundation
Elaine Skoch and Judy Parker
The Michael and Victoria Wallace Family Foundation
Mary Alice Rossillon Waylan, C’59*
Karenbeth and Tom Zacharias

Spire Society
$5,000 to $9,999
The Bartz Charitable Trust
Estate of Jeanne M. Broussard, C’56*
Country Club Bank
Adele Ducharme
Rachel, C’93, and Bill Elvin, U’04
Michelle Friend-Coon, C’94, and Matt Coon
Dr. Mary Alice Grellner, C’48
Cindy, C’84, and Michael Kane
Michael, C’93, and Alice Keohane
Kathy Klug, C’84
Jane Ellen Liebert, C’97
Christine, C’69, and Jim Mansour
Joey Mckee
John and Shirley Mitchell*
Orscheln Industries Foundation, Inc.
SCL Health System, Inc.
Sharon Smith, C’71, and Merrill Armstrong
Marlene, C’62, and William* Trenkle
Carol A. Wambeke, C’81, and Augusto de la Torre
Mary Ann Westhoff, C’56

“The values, traditions, and relationships that are formed at Saint Mary are almost impossible to find. What a surprising treasure I found in a small town in Kansas. I give because as long as Saint Mary is carrying on their mission, students are receiving an experience that will lay the foundation on which they will build a successful career and fulfilling life.”
– Brian “DeMo” DeMarea, U’06

Saint Mary’s Society
$2,500 to $4,999
Allied Construction Services, Inc.
Dr. Alison Banikowski, C’75
Ed and Linda Barker
Mary Alice Bramming, C’65
Stephen and Helen Bryce
Conoco Phillips
Exchange Bank and Trust
Linell, C’74, and Steven Grundman
IBM Corporation Matching Grants Program
Dr. Michael and Lisa Isabelle
Marilyn Kasperick, C’56
The Mary Elizabeth Martin Trust
Kathleen McClain, C’82, and Edward Fogarty
Rita and Robert Mika
Morrison Management Specialists, Inc.
Sarah & Mike Nyp
P1 Group, Inc.
Greg and Susan Righter
Saint Luke’s Health System
Dolores, C’52, and John* Seerey
Joseph Snyder and Marilyn Page, C’72
Marietta Wieseler Soukup, C’61, and Carl Soukup
Kathleen, C’56, M’65, and Carl Stark
Straub Construction Company
Joyce, C’74, and F. Newton Underwood
Linda Nowakowski Winter

President’s Circle
$1,000 to $2,499
Letty Baker, C’62
Mary, C’79, and Vince Bartholomew
Elizabeth W. Bishop, C’44
Boeing Gift Matching Program
Lisa Bowers, C’84
The Breidenthal-Snyder Foundation
The Brinkman Family
Chris and Holly Brookhouser
Trudy Brophy, C’73
Stan Burkin
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Anita Chestnut
Ann Conver, C’73
Barbara, C’71, and Michael Dallavis
Design Mechanical, Inc.
Karen J., U’03, and Rolland Dessert
Tom and Candace Dials
William and Jean Dunn
William and Marianne Dunn, Jr.
Lawrence and Frances Engel
Stan and Saundra Evans
Steven Flamez, M’09
Loral and Kirk Frohme
Bill and Cindy Geiger
Kitty Goeters, A’50, C’67, and Len Bronec
Minnette Goldsmith
Virginia M. Gravatt, C’56
Jeannine Graves, U’18
Joe Gutierrez
Patrice, C’74, and Kevin Halbach
Dannie Harris

“I transferred to Saint Mary as a sophomore, and it was just right for me: A small college that offered a big liberal arts education with an emphasis on service. That prepared me well for life and work and was a solid foundation in later pursuits of further education: A second bachelor’s and then a master’s/PhD. I was also a first-generation college student, and I greatly respect USM’s emphasis on supporting such students.”
– Dr. Lori S. Heintzelman, C’85

Gary Hartegan* and Carol Thorson Hartegan, C’67
Judy Helmert, C’59, and Michael Collins
Michelle Hoferer
Kyle Honadel Roberta, C’60, and Edward Horning
Rebecca, C’74, and Daniel Huber
Dr. Paul and Doris Hund
Laura Jaurequi, C’83, and Helen A. Lally
J.F. Denney Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
The Kansas City Alumni Council
The Kansas Independent College Foundation
Kenneth and JoAnne Karr
Kevin and Kimberly Kelley, C’75
Kathleen Kerr, C’70, and John Matzeder
Kersten Concrete Construction Co., LLC
Carlotta Krische, C’70, and John Noonan
Leavenworth Water Department
Paul, C’92, and Jennifer Leetz
George Lomeli
Dr. Jeanette M. Lozenski, C’88, M’14
Shannon Macioroski, C’60
Bridget Jones May, C’77, and Rick May
McDonald’s of Lawrence
Shirley, C’57, and Robert McGeary
The Medtronic Foundation
Dr. Tes Mehring, C’74
Bea Marie Mejia, C’80, and Stephen Mayer
Denise Minet
Dr. Mary Morgan, C’70, and Robert Levenson
Mary C. Morin, C’64
Dr. Gayle Murphy, C’69
Suzanne Nelson
Network for Good
Frank Ovaitt, Jr.
Sharon Ovaitt, C’67
David Paul and Nancy Alzheimer
Dick and Joanie Perkins
Patricia Pixley, C’47
Donna Postosky, C’82, and Jim Keffer
Thomas and Jennifer Radosevich
Joy and Harold Raser
Edward Reilly, Jr
Robert Riese
Alan and Donna Roach
Mary, C’62, and Ron Rueb
Isabel, C’57, and Philip Ryan
Robert and Nancy Schimoler
Sue, C’68, and Craig Schoenfelder
Valerie Schroer, C’77, and Michael Brock
Spruce Street Liquor
Thomas and Mary Suellentrop
Kittie Umscheid
Mark Van Dyke
Dr. Sandra and Dallas Van Hoose
Dr. Alice Vargas, C’76, and Dr. Timothy Kaiser
Dr. Mary, C’86, and B.D. Vermillion
Toni, C’58, and Bert Walters
Western Robidoux
Julie Wulfkuhle, C’70*, and Joseph Fallon

“Gifting anything I can to Saint Mary is like getting many gifts back. Saint Mary is a second home to me. I visit as often as I can. I made lifelong friends that I met at Saint Mary. I still keep in contact with many of them. We get together two or three times a year and talk weekly, sometimes daily. I received a wonderful education by so many dedicated SCL women. The experience has a special place in my heart.”
– Karen Kremers Tyler, C’74

Front Circle
$500 to $999
Jean Praechter Ameduri, C’69, and Richard Ameduri
Sylvia Hill Anchia, C’79
Candy Arrington, C’70, and Jim Hernandez
Matthew Astleford, M’20
Richard Barbuto, C’01
Pamela Barney, C’77
Judith, C’68, and Dr. John Bellome
Rose Boken
Nancy and Steve* Bramlett
Bridget Browning, C’84
Dr. Eileen Burke-Sullivan, C’71, & Michael* Sullivan
Mary and Scott Buswell
Carol Canavan, C’72
C&C Group
Lisa Churchill
Citizens Federal Savings Bank
Louwane, C’83, and Mark Courtney
Jennie and Shaun Cronin
Beth, C’77, and William Cutburth
Damaged Ear Wrestling
Susan Douglas, C’95, and David Sisk
Joyce Marie, C’64, and Keith Eagar
Emergency Pet Hospital of Glendora
Margaret Faciszewski, C’58
Kathleen O. Favrow
Patricia, C’64, and William Flavin
Mary Fleming
Dorothy Gillan, C’58
Mary Jo, C’62, and Robert Guinan
Rex E. Gunn
Dr. Richard and Joan Gunter
Michelle Flagg
Hart’s Paint and Floors
Joan, C’59, and Lawrence* Hess
Don Heuermann
Dr. Carol L. Hinds, C’64
Nan, C’78, and Tom Horvat
Theresa M. Jaksetic, C’72
Virginia Jennings, C’48
Pat and Sally Kelly
Jean Klene, C’79
Rick Kooser
Dr. William and Susan Krusemark
Linton P. Lavergne, C’01
Dr. Bryan and Chris Le Beau
Lois, C’74, and Edwin LeFebvre
Marguerite, C’63, and Thomas Lowrey
Betty, C’74, and Dale Ludwig
Megan Durkin, C’97, and Steve Lutkehus
Sarah Magoba, C’85
Renee’ and Dr. Thomas G. Matyok
McConnell and Associates
Dolores (Toni) McEnroe, C’49
Anne Kathleen Meyer Miller, C’64
Fred Miller
Howard, C’78, and Inzia Miller
Rob Miller and Amy Stockton-Miller
Sylvia Johnson Miller, C’69, and Nicholas Miller
Colleen W. Mockler, C’59
Carolyn, C’84, and David Parmer
Lisa Parrott
Geoff, U’09, and Becky, U’09, Peterson
Chris Pingel
Thomas Piscitelli
Patricia Regan, C’74
Sister Susan Rieke, SCL, C’66
Elsa, C’92, and Mike Robinson
Patricia Sarcone, C’64
Betty Anne Scalise
Roxie and John Schafer
Robert and Maureen Schuchardt
John, M’15, and Jennifer Shultz
Joyce, C’56, and Harold* Solomon
Grace, C’86, and David Spezia
Dan and Kim Steele
Sister Diane Steele, SCL, C’83
Luke Stir
Darrel Stufflebeam
Edward Sullivan
Msgr. Stuart Swetland
Rita Tetuan, C’74
Theatre of the Imagination
Dr. Audrey Jean, C’74, and David Theisen
Christina and Carlos Valentin
Pat and Tony Wagner
Joan Gannon Ward, C’59, and Larry Ward
Agnes “Aggie” T. Weir, C’73
Rosemary Wisniewski, C’63
Brian Young
Sandy Zisman and Janis Frame

Tower Club
$100 to $499

Stephen Aaron
Roberta Abaday, C’76, M’05
Catherine Abram, C’55
Steve and Charla Adamo
Jo, C’81, and George Adams
Terese Akana
Wendy Akin
Marilyn, C’62, and Robert Akins
Catherine Akright, A’47, C’51
Sister Barbara Aldrich, SCL, C’72
The Amazon Smile Foundation
Evelyn, C’91, and August Amoroso
Susan and James Amrhein
David and Deborah Anderson, C’91
Kyle Anthony
Jennifer Archibald
Marjorie Armstrong, C’69
Mary Arnold, C’72
Ramona Arroyo, C’79
Jacqlynn Asherman, U’08
Leonard and Carol Ayres, C’87, M’99
Judith Vasos-Baczewski, C’66, and Tony Baczewski
Diana Bahr, C’79
Catherine, C’65, and Joe Barmann
Sister Ann Barton, SCL, C’54
Sister Nancy Bauman, SCL, C’70
Amy Beall
Helen, C’69, and Joseph Beausoleil
Sara Bell
Paul, C’86, and Nadine Bennetts
Patricia Biasotti, C’49
Alleta M. and Donald E. Biggs
Sue, C’70, and James Bissett
Mary Jo, C’79, and Aaron Black
Steve Blair and Susan Gardner
Marie, C’66, and Howard Blaney
Judith, C’58, and David Bledsoe
Jewell Bode, C’54
Mary Catherine Bodine, C’66
Donna Boone
Kathy, C’73, and Thomas Boyer
Carole, C’66, and Robert Bozworth
David and Devon Bresser
Clara Lemm Brogan, C’45
Barbara, C’80, and Carl Browning
Susan Brungardt, C’86
Jason Bryan
Jane Bryce
Madeleine Bryce, M’20
Velma Buchanan, M’16
David and Glendyn Buckley
Diana Budnik
Tresa, C’85, and Larry Buessing
Linda Bumbaca
Patricia, C’61, and Bernard Callaghan
Marilyn A. Cameron, A’51, C’65
Chip Campbell
Marita Campbell, C’00
Frank E. Carroll, III
James Carter
Doris Castaneda, C’52
Catholic Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Dallas
Irene Caudillo
Rose Marie, C’62, and Don Champeau
Alice, C’59, and Robert Childers
Tom Church
Brenda Clary, C’79
Bernadette Cleary, C’66
Laurie, C’78, and John Cleavinger
Haley Cochran, M’20
Julie E. Cogley, C’78
Hannah Colmer
Larry and Lynne Contrucci
Donna, C’82, and Clayton Cooper
James, M’94, and Lisa, C’94, Costello
Mary Ruth and Richard* Coulter
Brad and Mary Cox
Loring and Mary Cox
Daisy, C’63, and Charles Coxon
Anne Crisp, C’69
Kathleen Crocker, C’69
Marti and Michael Crow
Dianne, C’71, and Dennis Custer
Virginia, C’57, and Glen Czirr
Anna Mae Danner, C’64
Elizabeth “Sugar” Ann Davis, C’73
Jody and Donald Davis
Lu Ann Davis, C’84
Mary Kay Davis, C’68
Sister Jean Martin Dawson, SCL
Marvin and Joan Dechant
Jamie and Steve Dehan
Kathleen DeKrey
Nancy, C’74, and Al Denzer
Sister Carol Depner, SCL, C’50
Virginia Dertina, C’53
Carol and James Detter
Audrey and Rob Dexel
Lisa Dias
James Dickerson, Jr, C’74
Judy and Dave Dickerson
Emily, C’75, and Charles Dierking
Amparo, C’65, and Cosme Dijos
Sally Dill, C’67, and Joseph Dorsten
Jane, C’71, and Donald Distler
Rachel Dixon, M’00
Anne E. Doerr, C’75, and Lawrence Doerr
Katie Doherty, C’68, and Richard Edgington
Patricia A. Doherty
Veronica Donovan, M’12
Mary Irene Dorr, C’78
Stephanie Dosen, C’69
Kyle Dougherty, U’18, M’20
Jeannie, C’70, and Tom Downs
Nora, C’68, and Lawrence Drbal
Kathleen Ducey, C’90
Mary, C’74, and Michael Durkin
Educational Foundation of the Kansas Society of CPAS, Inc.
Kathleen, C’73, and Jim Eide
Jerry and Debra Elarton
Carolyn Ellis, U’16
Barbara, C’63, and Tim Emert
Jon and Deeann Epley
Carly Erickson
Aaron and Melinda Ervin
JoEllen, C’71, and Patrick Estenson
Terri Etter
Roberta, C’82, and James Etzel
Gloria Fairchild, C’69
Margaret Mary Feely, C’69
Mary, C’54, and Frank Felts
Fidelity Brokerage Services, LLC
First Watch – Daytime Cafe
Margaret R. Flythe-White, C’69
Barbara Folkner, C’53*
Phyllis Cawley Forchee, C’69
Kathy, C’85, and Rick Forner
The Foundation for the Diocese of Helena, Inc.
Evelyn, C’66, and Larry Frelow
Terri Gallet
G and W Properties, Inc.
Sharon “Cookie” Garbs, C’78
Julie Garman
Jane and Ronald Garvin
Rob Gaslin
Agnes, A’46, and Donald Giese
Patricia, C’75, and Gary Gilbertson
Don and Vickie Gillespie
Jules and Peggy Glanzer
Lisa Gonzales
Ann, C’67, and John Goodnow
Lorraine Gordon, C’69, and Thompson Nelson
Rosemary, C’67, and Horace Gray
Greater Horizons
Judy Green, C’59
Katherine Green, C’82
Ron Green
Eileen C. Greene, C’45
Phyllis Greenway, C’79
Julie, C’80, and Douglas Gregory
Marianne and Joel Grodberg
Jay and Tamara L. Grodsky, C’96, M’04
Dr. Sharon Growney-Seals, C’83, and Larry Seals
Marilyn, C’56, and Donald Hail
Corey Hamilton, U’03, M’05
Joyce, C’80, and Nashwan Hamza
Phylis Hancock, C’81
Cassidy Harbert, U’18, M’20
Kurt Harre
David and Deborah Harrington
Colleen, C’73, and William Harris
Evelyn, C’48, and Bill Harris
Marihelen Hatcher, C’77
Alexis Brennan Hayden, U’18
Loretto, C’64, and Michael Hayes
Sister Eileen Haynes, SCL, C’77
Molly, C’68, and Joseph Haywood
Jannine Hein
Dr. Lori Heintzelman, C’85
Joanne, C’59, and Robert Heise
Patricia Ann Hennessey, C’46
Louise Hernandez
Betty Jean, C’60, and Dennis Herrick
Lawrence Hersh
Jill S. Hershberger, C’86
Kimberley, C’77, and Michael Hess
Sherrie Hess
Kevin and Kim Heuermann
Astrid and Charles Hicks
Kathleen Higgins, C’73
Laura, C’98, and Bart, M’98, Hill
Kathy Hillen, C’68
Raymond and Christine Hilliard
Susan Suwalsky Hinsdale, C’85
Anna Ho, C’70
Ines, C’72, and Thomas Ho
Sharon Hochard
Ann C. Hogan, C’75
Sister Mary Agnes Hogan, SCL, C’72
Jean, C’73, and Jim Holman
Sally, C’69, and Ted Holy
Holy-Field Vineyard and Winery
Home Motors
Robin Honadel James and Suzanne Horner
Vanessa Horsley
Katherine Horvat
Therese Horvat
Sylvia, C’62, and Richard Hovey
Mary, C’67, and Robert Huber
Jenean, C’70, and Larry Huckaby
Dr. Courtney Huhn, U’07
Jill, C’78, and Stuart Hunter
Ann, C’71, and Gerard Huot
Mary Helen, C’76, and Brian Hurley
Ellen, C’70, and Keith Hustings
Suzanne Foster Irish, C’76
Dr. Margo Jackisch, C’59
Sister Judith Jackson, SCL, C’66
Annie Jaramillio
Wanda, C’77, and Kenneth Jeannin
J.E.D. Installation, LLC
Patricia Jeffrey, C’69
Julene Jennings
Genevieve, C’78, and Nolan Johannsen
Clarence and Jo Ann Johnson
Mary Ellen Johnson, C’75
Mary Pat Johnson, C’70
Rebecca Johnson
Anne, C’83, and Christopher Jones
Jim and Shirley Jones
Sister Frances Juiliano, SCL, C’64
Louise, C’60, and John Julius
Margery Karp
Anne Keane, C’76, and Curt Miller
Anne, C’75, and Ed Keeley
Elaine, C’68, and Richard Keil
Maria Keller
Mary Murnane Kenney, C’66
Jennifer Jean Kern
Sharon, C’66, and Richard Khoury
Richard, C’77, and Orva Kill
Dan and Janelle Kime
Christopher Kinslow
Joyce and Howard Kirk
Joan, C’71, and Ron Kloppenberg
Sylvia Koepke, C’57
Libby Kolaz, C’76
Ted Koppen
Eileen, C’75, and Joseph Kottenstette
Rita and Jim Kowalewski
Sue, C’74, and Terry Kremer
William and Joy Kromer
Owen and Rita Kross
Marilyn “Trudy”, C’57, and James Krueger
Loren and Deborah Kueker
Bennie and Carrie Kutra
Susan, C’67, and Hap Laeder
Michael, C’97, and Tania Landauer
Gwen Landever
Julie Lang, C’70
Stephanie Lankford and Bryce Scovill
Brian and Marilyn Lappin, C’86
Joseph A. Lastelic
Peggy, M’09, and John Lathrop
Jane Leifer, C’54
Joel LeMense
Margaret Lenahan, C’49
Jim and Ruth Ellen Lesmeister
Anne, C’64, and Joseph Liebmann
Mary Lindenmeyer, C’75
Rebecca, C’79, and Stan Lloyd
Leo, C’86, and Julie Long
Barbara Louie
Jim Loy
Michael, C’00, and Hannah Lu
Natalie R. Luby, C’70
Mary Nell Lucas
Pamela and David Lucas
Sharron Lucas-Haught, U’02
Rosemary, C’64, and Charles Luckett
Tieu Luu, C’60
Terry, C’74, and John Lyskowski
Caroline Mackintosh and Sam Al-murrani
Sarah Macias
Dr. Michael Maggard
Daniel Malizzi
Carol Marinovich, C’72, and Hon. Ernest L. Johnson
Robert and Dorothy Maronick
Kenneth and Teresa Martz, C’79
William, C’84, and Mary Mathia
Linda, C’69, and Tim McCauley
Harvey and Noreen McCumber
Rosalee McEntyre, C’59
Sallie, C’75, and Donald McGlinn
Kirsten Lyne McGuire
Kevin McMullen
Margaret, C’74, and William McNamee
Donna, C’76, & Russell McVeigh
Doris Lutz Meier, C’59
Debra, C’01, and Jonathan Mein
Nancy, C’75, and Ken Mellard
Linda Forge Mellon
Alissa and Tony Menke
Todd Mettler
Michelle and Troy Metzinger
Julia, C’72, and Dennis Meyer
Mary Mikijanis, C’79
Marsha Lohman Miller, C’65
Nancy, C’80, and Gary Miller
Dr. Christine Milyard, C’68
Melissa Mitchell-Wilson, C’84, and William Wilson
Jeannine A. Mock, C’51
Kevin, C’01, and Tammie Montgomery
Ella Moore, A’50
Nancy, C’68, and Patrick Moran
Laura, C’73, and Kelly Morehead
Benny and Delores Morrow
Virginia, C’62, and George Muehlbach
Karen Mullinix
Elizabeth Murdock
Patricianne Murnane, C’67
Marilyn Murray Mary, C’76, and Karl Myers
Ann Nance, C’56
Irma Napoli
Bonnie and Myrl Nardinger
National Financial Services, LLC
Mary Lou Naudet, C’54
Heather Newell
Dorothy Nichols
Dr. Rosalie, C’71, and Weeden Nichols
Dr. Eucharia Enderline Nnadi, C’77
Evarista Nnadi, C’81
Carole and John Noble
Mary Jane Noble, C’75
Michele, C’69, and Ron Nuetzel
Gloria J. Nussman, C’91
Randy and Susie Nyp
Dr. Patricia O’Brien, C’77
Maureen, C’68, and Thomas O’Connor-Wilmot
Thomas and Lorrie O’Donovan
Sister Roberta O’Leary, SCL, C’65
John and Alison Orndorff
Janet, C’73, and Gary Osborne
Judy and Randy Ostmeyer
Megan Padow
Sister Jean Panisko, SCL, C’65
Mary Kaye Townsend Pedziwater, C’64
Kelly Penfield
Loretta Peterson
Agnes, C’60, and Don* Phelps
Anthony T. Piscitelli, U’18, M’20
Dianna Porter, C’64
Keenan Post
Deborah, C’66, and Richard Povlsen
Nikki and BJ Powell
Kathleen Pritchett, C’58
Alena, U’03, M’05, and Alan Prosser
Alfred and Linda Prothe
Cary Prothe
Kathleen and Paul Ptasnik
Gayle Pulem, C’67
Karen, C’89, and Ronald Qualley
Eugene Quinn
Steve Quinn
Joe Rader
Karen Rae, C’70, and Kevin Mead
Christine Ramirez, C’83, and Edward Prieto
Christine and George Ramirez
Ann Randles, C’78
Mary Ann Rastorfer, C’61
Molly, C’79, and Patrick Reardon
Nancy Putthoff Reddig, C’70
Cheryl, C’89, and Craig Reding
Brian Rees
Michele, C’70, and Michael Rhoades
Margaret Richards, C’00
Tommy Richmond
Kelly Rivera, C’84
Olivia Robinson, C’96
Palmeda Robinson, C’73
Carolyn, C’68, and Raymond Roettger
Judy, C’70, and Glenn Rogers
Paul Rogers
Linus and Marilyn Ronnebaum, C’61
Robin, C’85, and Kevin Ross
Michael Roth
Maureen M. Roult
Mary, C’77, and Bernie Rulle
Nicholas Runnebaum, U’12
Ryan Lawn and Tree
Yvonne, C’82, and Lawrence Samson
Virginia Sander, C’68
Laura Sandoval-Adams, C’81
Robert and Melinda Sandridge
Elizabeth Sanford
Judith Sarsam
Alfred and Marie Therese Schaefer
Dina and Jeff Schaefer
James Scherer
Sheila Schmeits, C’70
Carol, C’79, and Ben Schmidt
Margaret Schmitz, C’71
Julie Schneider
Frank Schroer
Joanne Runyon and Alan Schuler
Maria Schuler
Ron Scott
Tommy and Barbara Seargeant
Justin Seever, U’08, M’17
Dr. Charlene Sexton, C’68, and Joseph Hesse
Victor and Sue Ann Shalkoski
Joyce, C’75, and George Shomin
Showboat Branson Belle
Julie and Joe Sifford
Brian Sigg
Dr. Rick Silvey
Barbara Harrison Sindo, C’63
Tim and Kim Skinner
Mary Ellen Slattery, C’65
Sally Smart, C’76
Bob and Carole Smetanka
Donna, C’67, and Lindsay* Smith
Karl Smith
Sister Mary Lex Smith, SCL
Sara, C’63, and John Sochran
Paula Soliz
Marjorie, C’63, and Donald Sosna
Michelle and Heath Southwick
Marjorie, C’62, and Darrell Spaedy
David, C’77, and Nancy Spehar
Major and Linda Spencer
Maurice and Leilani Spencer
Mary, C’72, and Jerry Spracklin
Joseph Squillace
Maxine, C’64, and William Staggs
Sue Stalker, C’82, and Richard Knott
Laura Starr
Margaret and Chris St Germain
Amy Stoltzfus
Sandra Stoltzfus
Mary E. Stowe, C’71
Ann Strecker, C’65
Melanie and James Stroda
Donald and Jacqueline Stubbings
Linda Casey Sturges, C’64
Ann Suellentrop
Joyce Suellentrop
Sister Anita Sullivan, SCL, C’54
Darlene Summerour, C’73
Rebecca Summers
Shuxiang Sun
Mary Denzel Sundermeyer, C’82
Joshua Lucas Tackett
Sharon, C’58, and Stephan* Takacs
Joan, C’55, and David Takada
Doug Taylor
Lori Taylor
Richard Teahan and Kathleen Jantsch
Harold Terpening
Paula, C’84, and Dan Terry
Danielle Theiss
Clare Ann Tischer, C’58
Lucy, C’75, and David Tobben
Marie Louise, C’46, and Dalvin Tobin
Anita, C’89, and Chuck Todd
Anna Totta, C’59, and Vicki Sparks, C’75
Scott Trapp
Emi Tsuji
Dr. Judith L. Turgeon
Karen, C’74, and Stephen Tyler
USA Kansas Kids Wrestling-District One
Melinda Van Velzer
Marian Van Vleet
Jessica Vega-Anaya
Catherine Verschelden, C’78
M. Catherine Vesce
Kelly Vestal, C’01
Louis and Alice Vicevich, C’57
Raynard Vigil
Chrisitine Vitt, C’78
Theresa Vitt, C’84
Kathryn Voigt
Loretto Voigt
Suzanne, C’72, and Joseph Wachtel
Jack Walker
Sherri Walker
Susan, C’65, and John Walsh
Clement Ward
Father Gerald Waris
Joan Emert Warton, A’49, C’53
Patricia, C’70, and Thomas Washburn
Masa Watanabe
Pat, C’69, and Doug Waters
Phillip Watlington
Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
Wells Fargo Foundation
Charles and Laura Whipple
James Wieck
Michael Will
Wendy Will
Annabel J. Willcott, A’46, C’50
Elizabeth A. Williams, C’85
Carolyn, C’58, and Paul Willingham
Elaine, C’57, and Hubert B. Willman
Dan Wilson
Meg Wilson
MaryAnne Winn
Mary Sue Winneke, C’65
Genevieve Winter
Jacquelyn, C’70, and Mark Witte
Judith Wolf, C’73
Mary, C’90, and Donald Wolf
Jennifer and Charles Wood
Miriam J. Wood, C’78
Kathleen Woods
Georgia, C’88, and George Wright
Raquel, C’50, and Richard Yiengst
Jil Zeugin
Steve Ziller, Jr.
James and Amy Zimmerman
Sister Mary Anne Zuberbueler
Linda, C’82, and Robert Zuchowski

Legacy Society
(The following alumni and friends have included Saint Mary in their estate plans.)
June Ambauen, C’40*
Jean Praechter Ameduri, C’69
Adele Anderson, C’71
Sylvia Hill Anchia, C’79
Emil Babinger*
Rosemary Banta, C’57
Mary S. Barth*
Marianna Bauer, C’41, and Ernest Grotefend*
Nancy Beal, C’70*
Judith, C’68, and Dr. John Bellome
Barbara Bemis, C’70
Charles Berkel*
Alleta M. and Donald E. Biggs
Elizabeth W. Bishop, C’44
Helen Wetherwax Blackburn, J’30, C’32*
Steve Blair and Susan Gardner
Albert, C’58, and Bernice Bodde Lisa Bowers, C’84 Ruth Ann Boyd, C’42
Mary Hemmer Brady, C’43*
Mary Alice Bramming, C’65
Catherine, C’71, and Donald Bratton
David C. Brian*
Harry and Mary Briscoe*
Clara Lemm Brogan, C’45
Jeanne Mackin Broussard, C’56*
Kay Bruce
Tina, C’80, and Greg Brunkow
Lucile Buek*
Dr. Eileen Burke, C’71, and Michael* Sullivan
Margaret “Marnie” A. Burke, C’47*
Dr. J.A. “Toni” and Muriel Burzle*
Mary Kathleen Bushbaum, C’78
Susan Butchart, C’81
Terri, C’79, and David Butel
Madelaine Butler, A’42*
Bertina Byers, C’60*
Marita Campbell, C’00
Elizabeth Carpini*
Eleanor Russell Carroll, A’28, J’30*
Frank E. Carroll, III
Luciel Colby Carroll, C’57*
Margery Floersch Chapman, A’36*
Mary, C’64, and Dennis Chenovick
Fr. Daniel Colibraro*
Kathyn “Kay” Loy Colwell-Calvin, J’30*
Carolyn, C’73, and Edward Conrath
Joe, C’94, and Emily Contrucci
Ann Conver, C’73
Ellen Corkle, C’59, and Joachim Viens*
Helen Marie Sheehan Corcoran, C’46*
Mary Ruth and Richard* Coulter
Deanna, C’61, and Julian Cowley
Catherine Cuddy, C’60*
Helen Clue DeCoursey, C’39*
Mary Agnes DeCoursey, A’32, C’36*
Genevieve “Genny” Degan, C’46, and Owen Horner*
Wendy and David DeHaas
Joseph John Delaney*
Frances Lawlor Denefe, J’30*
Jim Dhooghe and Jean Gerweck*
Dr. Nedra G. Dick, A’35, C’39*
Richard and Lucy Dierks*
Joan Dobel, C’45*
Anna Wulfkehuler Doerr, C’41*
Andres Dominguez, C’82, and Amy Heithoff-Dominguez
Marianne Mella Donaldson, A’42*
Margaret C. Donohue, C’47*
Susan Douglas, C’95, and David Sisk
Joan Domitrovich Dowdall, C’52*
Mary Margaret Downey, A’20*
Nora, C’68, and Lawrence Drbal
Mary Elizabeth Dunn, C’32*
Frances Eble, C’42, and Richard Dewey*
John and Leona Echevarria*
Ann Catherine Bannon Ellison, A’28*
Susan Emerson, C’71
Barbara, C’63, and Tim Emert
Frances Escareno, C’76
Virginia Gonzalez Everhart, C’61*
Regina T. Fatz, A’42*
Barbara “Bobbie” Feth, C’38*
Marie Niedecken Fetty, C’44*
Drs. Paula Finn, C’71, and James W. Finn
Dorothy Fitzpatrick, C’40*
Thomas J. Fitzpatrick*
Mary Flack, C’48, and James Holthouse*
Margueriette Flaherty C’45*
Mercedes Foster, A’50, C’69, and John* Craughwell
Margaret Taylor Freese, A’43, C’46*
Jane Bozworth Frey, C’44*
Loral and Kirk Frohme
LaVon Fugit, C’39*
Marie Gaiser, J’30*
Lourdes Ganare, C’50*
Sharon “Cookie” Garbs, C’78
Geraldine Goddard Gleeson, A’27, J’29, C’47*
Gwendolyn Gilboy, C’73
Florence Gillmore, J’26, and Edward P. Maronick*
Gertrude Gilmore, J’28*
Geraldine Goddard Gleeson, A’27, J’29, C’47*
Kitty Goeters, A’50, C’67, and Len Bronec
Mary Goetz, C’36, and Michael Ryan*
Minette, C’38, and Robert Goldsmith Vita Goppert
Marjorie Greenamyre*
Virginia Greenlease*
Gloria Lescault Grenier, C’75
Kathleen Gribble, C’66
Dr. Richard and Joan Gunter
Mary Lee, C’54, and Arlen Hagen
Marilyn, C’56, and Donald Hail
Joan, C’65, and Donald Hall
Judy Helmert, C’59, and Michael Collins
Sandy Hick
Laura, C’98, and Bart Hill, M’98
Rebecca Hill, C’84
Ann C. Hogan, C’75
Virginia Katherine Hollow, C’46*
Mary Kay, C’75, and Roger Hoppe
Arthur I. Horner*
Mary Lorian Horvat, C’54*
Katharene Householder*
Nancy Lee Hsu, C’75*
Rebecca, C’74, and Daniel Huber
John G. Humble*
Elva and Lewis Humphreys*
Dr. Paul and Doris Hund
Laura Jaurequi, C’83, and Helen A. Lally
Jennie M. Julich*
Jeanne Juliet, C’68
Mary and Robert Kalhorn*
Kenneth and JoAnne Karr
Catherine L. Kelly, A’24*
Frances Kelly, C’46, and Robert Mannix*
George L. and Frances R. Kelly*
Petronella Kelly*
Thomas B. Kelly, In memory of Deborah (Gooch) Kelly
Kathleen Kerr, C’70, and John Matzeder
William and Donna Kiel
Dr. Martha Gail Kitson, A’47, C’51*
Kathy Klug, C’84
Mary Louise Welling Reilly Knoblauch, C’44*
Sylvia Koepke, C’57
Edwin J. and Ruth Kongs*
Joy Kozak, C’53*
Agnes T. Kramer, J’29*
Alfred G. Kramer*
Harriet Kramer*
Rosa Abbott Krissek, C’44*
Essie Bromell Lallier, C’49*
Anna Landauer
Mildred, C’81, and Ralph Langley*
Sylvia Matejovsky Lapke, C’50*
Edward F. Larkin*
Margaret E. Layson, C’58*
Philip T. Lawlor*
Margaret A. Leary*
Fr. Stephen Lee*
Patricia Lester, C’58
Jane Ellen Liebert, C’97
Lily Lee Loh, C’63
Burnadette Long, C’44*
Penelope Lonergan, C’70
Dr. Jeanette M. Lozenski, C’88, M’14
Michael, C’00, and Hannah Lu
Dorothy Lynch, C’54*
Mary Margaret Lynch, C’43*
George H. Malone*
Gertrude Mangan, A’24*
Katherine and Howard Manning*
Sister Mary Vincentia Maronick, SCL, C’45*
Stephen J. and Marguerite Ashall Maronick*
Jean R. Maupin, A’42
Elizabeth Lee “Betty Lee” Simmons McAdams, A’40, C’44
Mary Jo McCauley, C’51, and David Hyland*
Charlotte Cogley McCarthy, A’41
Joan McCarthy, C’45, and Ralph Young*
Rita Morgan McDonald, C’45*
Sister Mary Janet McGilley, C’45*
Karen L. McIver-Wilson, C’87, and Walter Wilson
Juanita D. McKee*
Margaret M. McLellan, A’34*
Marie Catherine McMurrin*
Donna, C’76, and Russl McVeigh
Rose Marie McWilliams, C’69*
Anastasia Medill, C’65*
Dr. Tes Mehring, C’74
Marilyn Miller Meiners, C’43*
Barbara Pigg Meitner, A’34, C’38*
Nancy, C’75, and Ken Mellard
Darlene Merrifield, C’54
Ethel Modahl Mettner, C’56*
Lucille and Ivan “Swede” Meyer*
Elaine, C’47, and Robert Michaels*
Rita and Robert Mika
Anne Kathleen Meyer Miller, C’64
Marnie Trudelle Miller, C’47*
Mary Patricia Miller, C’80
Ray and Rosemary Miller*
Joan Fleisch Mills, C’52*
Mary Jeanne Minhondo, C’59*
John and Shirley Mitchell*
Melissa Mitchell-Wilson, C’84, and William Wilson
Jeannine A. Mock, C’51
Virginia Moore, C’74
Dr. Mary Morgan, C’70, and Robert Levenson
Mary C. Morin, C’64
Florence Morrell, A’18*
Agnes Eileen Mulligan, C’39*
Helen J. Murphy, A’25*
Jayne, C’66, and Jim Nash
Mary Louise Nentwig, C’53
Cathy, C’70, and Grundy Newton
Dr. Rosalie, C’71, and Weeden Nichols
Rosemary Nichols
Leo F. Nusbaum*
Thomas J. and Mary V. O’Donnell*
Mary Margaret Ornsby, C’45, and Robert Malley*
Marina G. O’Sullivan, C’75
Judy Parker and Elaine Skoch
Bertha Parkhurst, C’35*
Carolyn, C’84, and David Parmer
Alice K. Phelan, C’47*
Paula Goleta Poirier, C’85
Nona Pollner, A1917, and Charles Frankenhoff*
Wilhelmina “Mina” Schutz Pulsifer, A1915*
Rose T. Pynick, A’27, J’29*
Nancy Quastler, C’68*
Dr. Muriel Rada, C’72
Kathleen, C’71, and Homer Radford
Alvara Ramm, C’48*
Marie, C’45, and Nicholas Raths*
Mary Rau, C’49*
Ruth Postlewait Redle, A’32*
Clara, C’63, and Nick Reed
Patricia Regan, C’74
Pat J. Reilly*
Michelle, C’86, and Jose Ricci
Steven Ray Riedel, C’83*
Mary Riordan, A’40, C’44
Mary L. Robbins
Carolyn, C’68, and Raymond Roettger
Vivian Rombeck*
Josephine Ruitka, C’59
Virginia Sander, C’68
Katie Savage, C’70
Rita Savage*
Annette Schlaf, C’76
Kathleen Schloeder
Sheila Schmeits, C’70
Michael “Doc” Scholl, C’78
Geraldine Feighny Schultz, C’39*
Martina Schutz, A1919*
Lucille T. Martinesso Sheehan*
Dolores, C’52, and John* Seerey
Kay Sellers*
Mary, C’52, and Alex* Siman
Romaine Klasinski Simon, A’48*
Joyce, C’56, and Harold* Solomon
Sue Stalker, C’82, and Richard Knott
Lawrence Starr*
Michele Stauffer
Patricia Long Stein, C’54*
Julia M. Stempleman, A’34*
Sharon, C’58, and Stephan* Takacs
Connie Teel, C’66*
Rose Sarli Teicher*
Rosalyn Thompson, C’58*
Dr. W. L. Tom* and Marie Tompkins
Erika Vance, C’80*
Sister Francis Regis Verschelden*
Betty Vossman, C’38*
Carol A. Wambeke, C’81, and Augusto de la Torre
Virginia Burke Wasson, A’40, C’44*
Pat C’69, and Doug Waters
Mary Alice Rossillon Waylan, C’59*
Marigene Wegeng, C’45, and John Suellentrop*
Helen Schlafly Weimer*
Agnes “Aggie” T. Weir, C’73
Josephine Hannahan Welsh, C’41*
Charlene Wenzl, C’52*
Mary Ann Westhoff, C’56
Thelma G. Wilkerson, C’49*
Laura Williams, C’51, and Lucian Ferguson
Rebecca Ann Williams
Jamie Wright, C’74, and Peter J. Coniglio
Edna Wood, C’48
Mary “Izzy” Wylder, C’45, and Charles LeCluyse
Ann Yonker, C’83, and Edward J. Kresse*
Carolyn, C’63, and Jon Zimmerman
Pete and Pat Zink*


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